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300 years happens once in 300 years … Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Artist Dmitry Kustanovich

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300 years happens once in 300 years … Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Artist Dmitry Kustanovich


In 2013, Saint – Petersburg celebrates 300 – anniversary of St. Troitsk Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.
The first mention in the documents – in July 1710, when Peter I, having examined the place near the Black River (present river Monastyrka) issued an order to build here the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. This place is supposed place of victory in 1240, the troops of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky over the Swedes in the Battle of the Neva. There are sources that this monastery has laid himself Tsar Peter. The official founding date – the day of the consecration of the first wooden Church of the Annunciation – March 25, 1713.

n1Golubi. Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.

n2Utro River Monastyrka. Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.

Monastyrka River. Ringing as from paradise!
And pieces of ice floating candies.
Above the clouds swan flock,
as messengers of the laurels.

At the gates of the Lavra dove so poor,
And the beggar about the Court interprets,
for that someone put a penny, who is eating
and go on with their lives.

n3Skvoz spring trees. Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.

The cathedral spacious cozy and cute.
“Have mercy on me, O God …” – sounds.
At the shrine with the relics of heavenly forces
stretch during the day and at night.

And Prince Alexander, by the grace of God,
to Russia from the cathedral looks –
with love and faith, with hope and strictly …
The lamp is lit prayer.

n4Sinichki. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

On the contrary, beyond the river, is Dostoevsky –
sympathizer, a sufferer, a prophet.
He looks at the Lavra in hope nursery
leaving here in the heart of a vow.

On the other hand, the wall unmarked
Fathers were shot.
They met Sky incorruptible manna
they bestowed Lamb crowns.

n5Derevo in the Metropolitan garden. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

And all are holy, and all are alive,
native to the pain, the,
as the photo of the child is a simple,
as the Lord, thy happiness!

Oh, Nevsky Lavra, you visualize – invisible,
It measures your pulse years
He is loved by God, whether God stored
and early spring, and always.
(Monk Vsevolod Filipyev)

n6Rozy. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

n7Solntse in October. Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.

n8Blagoveschenskie gates. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

n9B sky above the Annunciation Church. Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.

n11Predrozhdestvensky snowfall. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

n12Rannee winter morning. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

n13Zimnyaya alley. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

n14Molchalivy pond. Nikolskoye cemetery. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

n15Tihaya alley. Metropolitan garden. Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.

n16Osennyaya birch. Alexander – Nevsky Lavra

n17Riznichnaya Tower. Alexander – Nevsky Monastery.

n18Piterskaya crow

“Do not love the art created, but it is realized.
It is the feeling of life, admiration for knowledge ”
Viktor Shklovsky

Artist Dmitry Kustanovich born March 29, 1970 in the city of Minsk, now lives and works in St. Petersburg, where he found the recognition and honoring of art lovers. He’s a good naive, and believes in honesty. He believes that the artist “should show, not to prove.”
Seeing the work of Dmitry, I want to listen to their feelings. Simply silent contemplation – and see the meeting of classical art and contemporary culture. His paintings – this is the rhythm of life, written in the algorithm paintings, displaying subtle moments of everyday life, snatched a deft stroke of the artist.


n20Rannee morning. Studies at the wheel

n21Nad spring bouquet

n22Lazurnoe morning



Tsvetuschy garden


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